Tools I am using

Every single client is individual! - You are Individual! -

My Mentoring is individual!

I would like to encourage you to purchase a Healy©

- Healy©

I am passionate about using

- The Work© of Byron Katie

- Neurographica©

- Effective Communication

- Active and Passive Listening

Integral Human Design© and GeneKeys© Shadow Transformation

- Biological Decoding for any Dis-ease and Trauma

Sensitive perception technique

- Mediumship

- Spiritual truth from the Direct Path of Rupert Spira


In Naturopathy we optimise together

- Lifestyle through LifestylePrescription®

- Diet, Exercise and Mindful Thinking

Biochemistry through Minerals, Enzymes and Aminoacids

- Microbiomes

- Internal and external Environment

- Biological rhythms

I can lead you

- to unfold your full potential  

- activate your self-healing powers

- to let go of old patterns that hinders you

- to recognize your true greatness, divine being and love

- to activate your conscious being self

It allows you to feel totally comfortable in your body. Your mind can experience peace, relaxation and clarity. Your soul will arrive home and unconditional love is all you know there is.

First we imagine an ego, then defend it, then express it, then fulfill it, then try to get rid of it, then welcome it, then understand it, and finally see that it is non-existent at all times.

Rupert Spira

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