Physical Pain and Inflammations

“Working with Christa is a process of trust, new learning, frustration, support and new awakenings.

If you choose to implement her protocols and practices and commit to real change you can shift not just your physical situation but your whole mental and emotional state.

Christa's knowledge and experiences is vast but specifically she understands natural medicine and the subtle biology of the body as well as how our emotional responses and past trauma can impact our bodies and often create the experience we are facing.

Her skill allows her to blend these vastly different areas and get a much deeper insight to your scenario and holistic solution.

This new awareness you can gain when first introduced can seem extremely confusing as she does put forward and present a new way of thinking about our health and challenges that puts much more accountability back on the individual but also uncovers how we often unknowingly have created the dilemmas that manifest in our body.

We normally see these issues as pain, suffering and inflammation that we need to get rid of instead of understanding the divine healing process that is taking place if only we can open our minds and choose to support our natural healing process.

The Delta scan technology Christa also specialise in is also an amazing frequency device that when utilised properly can give you amazing understanding into what's going on in your body, where any anomalies may be and present a range of choices and paths you can take in bringing the situation back in the balance.

Ultimately Christa is a guide and coach who genuinely cares and wants to help those people who choose to help themselves. I would endorse and recommend her to anyone who is searching and willing to be part of creating a solution back to full health and prepared to be a reflective and work on dissolving layers of pain and fear that's often bind us and stop us from living life to its full potential.”

David N.

Founder of ReDesignYourLife Program

Not knowing Life's work and Life's purpose

I can't begin to thank you enough for introducing me to this HD you use with your counselling. It has blown me away with its accuracy. It has made me feel more clear about my last 20 months (the Pulse) and how the emotional crisis is actually serving me, all I needed to do is trust, which was hard for me, thus the nervous distress. Rather than feeling unsure about my future and my inability to live a good life, I now feel more empowered and hopeful and excited to share my experiences and wisdom with the world! I am still emerging now but next year I have visions of getting myself out there to serve.

Thank you again for helping me back on the path to my Self xoxoxox

Brooke M.

Yoga Teacher

Ductal Breast Cancer

I have been familiar with 'Biological Decoding' for a few years now. It is wonderful to see again and again how exactly it works: with myself, my family or friends. Even my children, who grow up in this consciousness, already know how to handle it quite well. When they have once again "caught" a conflict, which is usually quickly resolved again, they come to me and say: "Mama, I know exactly why I have the cough or the cold now," or "why my back hurts me".... 

And if a conflict cannot be solved immediately, then they come meekly: "Mom, can I talk to you later?"

It's a joy to see how the children grow up with a different understanding of "diseases", which are mostly healing phases anyway. Although I cannot protect my beloved ones and myself from conflicts, because basically we are always responsible for our own reactions. But we have learned to deal with them differently and according to our own personal development. Resilience is part of our growth.


Now there are also so-called hanging conflicts in a biological process, which are no longer highly active, but transformed down, but can flare up again at any time. I have dragged such a conflict around with me for 3 years without actually being aware of it.


I have been happily married for 15 years, have one daughter, but my wish has always been to have another child, a son. However, my husband, a sole wage earner, could not accept this thought. Surely, if another child had come, he would have looked forward to it as much as I did, I was always convinced of it. So I never gave up this heart's desire completely.


The pill was not an issue for me, as it should be rejected from the point of view of Biology, and so it sometimes happened in recent years that I thought I was pregnant. Without waiting for the result, I immediately took a pregnancy test to make sure. Of course, I was disappointed if the test was negative. It also kept me busy for a few more days, but finally the subject was over again. I never told my husband anything about it. I managed this emotionally on my own.


Recently there was such a situation again. As usual I did a test, but this time I was not disappointed at all by the result - quite the opposite. I thought so with myself: 

"You are now 39 years old and almost too old to have another child. Our daughter is now out of the woods and start all over again - no, you don't want that any more! I wondered about myself, but that was really my firm conviction.


A few days later I felt that my left breast (I am right-handed) was very painful, i.e. extremely sensitive. The next morning I noticed that a red courtyard had already formed. The breast was hot, cancer red, strongly swollen and felt hard. The nipple had also pulled inwards. I did not panic, for I knew that this could "only" be the repair phase of a so-called milk duct "carcinoma", but I was worried that I was not quite clear about the conflict. It could only be a separation conflict from my mother, my children or my nest. But in that direction there was no conflict far and wide. But finding the conflict was extremely important to find out how long it had lasted, so that I could estimate the mass of the conflict to know what would await me in this repair phase.


After very long or intensive conflicts, the repair phase after a so-called ductal lactiferous duct "carcinoma" can be very unpleasant, so that one has to consider the possibility of an intervention, but only according to the criteria of biology. But where should I - if necessary - find a surgeon who would perform such an intervention? Without putting fear into me, without having Chemotherapy beforehand and without all the questions about my own decision. So I had no choice but to wait and see how everything would develop.


I tried to counteract the swelling with quark compresses, which have a cooling effect, and put ice bags on my head at the appropriate place.


The next morning the redness and also the swelling had even increased. The redness had now spread around the chest. 

8-9 cm high, but the pain had become more bearable. Sometimes I felt violent stings, which were very unpleasant. I also had the impression that my chest had become deformed and bulging. I then rubbed it with milking grease and gently massaged it towards the nipple. And I had noticed something else: that my short-term memory had been affected.

I made the quark envelopes for a total of five days, but only at night, and put ice bags or cooling cloths in the larger bra during the day. After 6 days the redness had decreased a bit, but the breast was still thick, hard and heavy, the nipple remained retracted.


With all my considerations I asked myself again and again: What has been solved for you? Of course I also thought about the situation with the pregnancy test, but that seemed too abstract, too far-fetched. I wasn't sure.


After all, I entrusted myself to an acquaintance who also knows biological decoding quite well. However, she was of the opinion that it could only be this event. And as abstract as it seemed at first, it wasn't really. Because in fact I finally separated from my "son", even if only mentally. Yes, something like that comes from something like that, even if some people can't imagine it.


But what happened next: the acquaintance suggested that I replace the quark envelopes with envelopes with cabbage leaves. I remembered that my grand-grandmother had already used this frequently in the past for some aches and pains and had achieved success with it. And so the suggestion was not as absurd to me as it might sound to others. After all, cabbage enjoyed a great reputation in antiquity and was almost a universal remedy. The ancient cultures used it as an internal and external cleanser, for envelopes, and for treating wounds of their legionnaires. From the point of view of the biological decoding all healing phases, but to support or weaken a healing phase with any means, there is nothing wrong with that.


So I got myself a fresh, green, juicy savoy cabbage. 

In the evening I broke off some leaves, washed them thoroughly, cut out the thick ribs and rolled the leaves flat with a noodle roll. Then I spread them on my chest and put a foil over them because of the humidity.


The next morning the surface of the breast looked rather wrinkly at first, but after some time it looked smoother again. The redness had disappeared, the tension had eased somewhat and I even believed - or imagined it - that the breast had become a little smaller. I continued these compresses and let the cabbage leaves work for up to 10 hours and more.


Already after a few days I could see with joy that the breast had indeed become smaller and softer again. I was very happy when I saw that the nipple was slowly bulging out again. Likewise the stitches in the breast. But now it was itching terribly. Anyway, I continued the procedure for a while and rubbed the breast with milking grease, massaged it, and of course cooled it.


In the meantime everything has receded again. The whole process took a total of three weeks. I can't imagine what would have happened to me if I hadn't already known the biological biodecoding through my studies. Probably I would have been operated now, the breast possibly amputated or totally mutilated and coping with the effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation.


I get angry when I think of how many people still have to suffer today who could be helped; or how many millions have already died who would not have had to die if biological knowledge - brought to our awareness through German New Medicine - had not been boycotted since 1981 with all imaginable means.


This is indeed the greatest crime in the history of mankind! Everything has it's place but to ignore biology and not even wanting to investigate it and to integrate it in daily medicine - that really makes me feel sad.

Karin G.

Student of Christa

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