Much of my work is based on the 5 biological laws of nature


Biological laws of nature describe the automatisms and survival functions of our biological body. We share these functions with the animal world and have made survival in nature possible for thousands of years.


As humans, we consist of several parts, of which only the physical body is visible to most humans. What we really are is unlimited, immortal, ever present awareness and unconditional love. As humans we have a physical experience in this world. Most people believe that they are just this one physical body. About as if they get into a car (the body) and then believe that they are the car.


So that we can make experiences and learn who we really are, we are limited in our perception in the dual physical world. Therefore we believe in good and evil, right and wrong and get into great emotional tension through these beliefs.


These emotional tensions or conflicts can be seen in the reactions and symptoms of the body. For example, the breast stands for nourishing and caring, and when a woman worries a lot about her partner or children, or about other close creatures, the breast reacts. 

Only the knowledge of these connections can bring about a change and healing. With our consciousness and our thoughts, with us able to let go of things or to allow a natural flow of things, we can actively influence these survival functions.


We know that our body has built-in programs so that you don't have to worry about every single function. For example the breathing, the digestion, the heartbeat, the cold-heat regulation etc. run completely automatically.

To survive we also need a built-in memory program. How often do you touch a hot stove plate with your hand on or sit in nettles with your bare skin?

These survival and prevention programmes are prescribed by nature and are the same for humans and animals.


What are these 5 biological laws of nature, which are always 100% the same and on which we can rely 100%?


1. Natural law describes when a survival program starts


Unforeseen, sudden events such as a shock caused by a threat that cannot be solved at that moment, trigger a certain survival program. We do not notice most survival programs at all, because we can solve many problems very fast again. If, however, we get stuck in a situation where we believe we have no solution, cell growth or cell degradation begins as well as more function of an organ or less. This is called a disease in medicine and in the worst case a chronic disease or cancer.


2. Law of nature describes the two phases of the same survival program


Everything in life has two sides: plus-minus, warm-cold, active-passive, awake-sleep, day-night, full moon-new moon, low tide. So everything else must have two phases in a dual world. We can then call this shock phase and recovery phase or conflict active and conflict resolved phase. We all know how we feel in a situation that is difficult for us. To be restless, to be active and to feel a lot of energy, little hunger and weight loss, bad sleep, intensive search for a solution of the problem and a kind of forced thinking about the one topic. If we come up with the solution or if it is solved for us, we become calm again, relieved, sleep totally well and long, have more hunger again and feel somehow tired, just like after a long fight. In the second phase we discover reparation symptoms which we then call illness.


3. Law of nature describes the exact course of the tissues of the survival program


The tissues of our body have no confusing possibilities of reactions - on the contrary, it is very simple. The body either needs more cells and tissues to perform a function or it needs less. So there is a cell plus or a cell minus, a function plus or a function minus. And these repairs then need bacteria and fungi. Besides there is still increased sweating, chills, paralysis, increased hormone production or decreased hormone production. Poisoning and accidents directly start the repair symptoms. If one knows and understands all this, a so-called 'disease' can no longer trigger fears.


4. Law of nature describes the function of microbes (fungi and bacteria) in the course of the survival program


Microbes are portrayed as life-threatening, disturbing creatures that want to destroy all life and make us very ill. How can that be? They are everywhere and we know that we have to have e.g. in the intestine a lot of them to be healthy. Why should there be good and bad? As we have seen in the 3rd law of nature, bacteria and fungi always come when there is something to repair. Just like the fire department comes right away when there's a fire. But we can't say that the fire department is to blame for the fire, can we? Exactly so the bacteria are not to blame for the need to repair the tissues.


5. Law of nature describes the deeper meaning of the survival program


Does it make sense that if we burn ourselves the body forms a blister? Yes, absolutely! There are lots of white blood cells in the blister for repair and the water ensures that the burn is not touched and does not cause too much pain. And so it is with all kind of symptoms - there is a meaning behind it and all we need is to understand it.


What do you need?

- more love 

- less pain

- more energy

- more drive

- more health

- less body fat

- more muscles

- more libido



How would you like to feel?

- relaxed

- calm

- peaceful

- in harmony

- emotionally balanced

- vibrant and alive

- loving

- upliftet

- liberated

- connected


Would you like to think?

- mental performance

- less anxiety

- fewer worries

- better beliefs

- more clarity

- self-recognition

- self-reliance

- self-love

- being more visionary

- more creative

- a new worldview


Why are you incarnated?

- are you self-aware

- feel the love you are

- feel spiritual connected

- know your life's work

- know your life's purpose

 - what you need to learn in this life

- know your core wound

- know how to prosper

- know your relationship pattern

2018 by Christa Krahnert

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