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Prof. Dr. Pavel Piskarev, the founder of NeuroGraphics®, is reported to have said that if he had been allowed to create only one model in NeuroGraphics®, it would have been the NeuroTree®. As a child I loved a song called: 'My friend the tree'. Even today I hum this song in my mind from time to time and it makes me happy. Trees have something magical, a primal power that deeply connects us to our own inner being. In difficult times, leaning against a tree, embracing it or sitting at its feet in the cooling shade - who doesn't know this? This NeuroTree® model will bring us into touch with this power. We can grow as a human being in our personality, grow and nourish our relationships, our wealth, our health and also our projects or our business, our work just as dreams, goals and heart's desires. I invite you to draw your own personal NeuroTree® with me. Drawing your own Tree of Life is an act of Self Love. - it straightens you up - it connects you with yourself - it develops your creativity and intuition - it can give your life a new creative direction - you can go beyond imposed limits in drawing - you can strengthen talents and learn new skills - with the help of the tree you can reach your highest potential - you can expand your mind and consciousness - your feelings, thoughts and the messages of your body can become visible on paper and in your mind - your subconscious mind is communicating with you The course will be confirmed with a certificate of the Psychology of Creativity Institute of Pavel Piskarev. Participation in the course does not include authorisation to teach. The course is intended exclusively for active Self Coaching.

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