Knowledge is Power

Breathing, eating, drinking and sleeping are the essentials in our life to survive as a soul within a body.

If you don’t breath you die in seconds, if you don’t eat and drink you will die in a couple of weeks and if you don’t sleep you turn crazy and eventually die too. But looking at foods and drinks they contain elements that are essential for us to get into our bodies every day to stay not only alive but most important healthy.

We call these elements nutrients.

There are lots of different types of variations of nutrients like essential macronutrients (proteins, sugars and fats to burn for energy or use as building blocks to grow) and functional micronutrients (trace elements to make sure you are capable of functioning).

To get all of the different types of nutrients we need to eat lots of different foods. Unfortunately, we do not know how many nutrients are in the foods we eat because foods usually aren’t tested before they sell them to us; event hough we do know that without fertilizers they wouldn’t grow properly at all.

So, we have our best guess and try to make sure we eat enough quanlity and variety to get everything we need.

But the truth also is that the science says we are still deficient. We are not getting the right dose and all of the different types of nutrients we need.

We blame the farmers and food producers, or the grocery store, the cook and even ourselves for buying the wrong foods. We are then tricked into buying foods or supplements fortified with synthetic man-made versions of micronutrients; thinking it is the only way to get the micronutrients we need and believing the lies that these synthetic versions are a suitable alternatives or replacements for the natural forms, where in most cases they do not exist in nature and can do more harm than good.

The governments and policy makers think it is too hard to work with farmers, food producers, cooks and educate us properly to get the micronutrients we need from our foods for the whole population. Too hard, that is reserved for the elite and those in the know. Too hard to treat the cause - just manage the herd the easiest and most economical way. And at the same time benefit of the more and more sick people in need of medications - the show must go on!

Knowledge is used by the elite to stay healthy and they know that if foods have been grown organically with healthy soil and no fertilizers other than microorganisms and on top which extra nutrients to consume they have all the support they need to stay healthy.

So the first step is education, the second step is to eat as healthy food as you can and the third step is to find a company following the rules to deliver the missing nutrients that are not artificial and in most benefit of our - through toxic environment and financial benefit created - vulnerable bodies.

If you know why, how and what then all you have to do is take some of this nutrients every day and then continue to do your best with stress management, quality sleep, healthy unprocessed foods, clean fresh water and moderate exercise.

If those basics are in place nothing can hold you back to explore further who you are, where are you coming from, what is your life’s purpose and where are we going when we leave the planet. That’s called spiritual intelligence.

Your Transformation Coach Christa

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