Out of the Hamster Wheel - but where to?

Get out of the hamster wheel - but where to? Many successful people have a special success technique in which it is to get out of the hamster wheel by reaching oneself and one's full potential - e.g. by going to a retreat regularly. ... Well, all right, I guess. That's not really new. But you always don't do it. Yeah, and that's about it, isn't it? Success has to be done. And what successful people actually do regularly for long-lasting success is that they stay away from the office for a whole week, leave the city completely and find their way to themselves and their goals. And all they do in these dream weeks is read and think. These people know that they don't get their biggest ideas in the office, but far away from everything commonplace. On closer inspection, I feel exactly the same way. My best idea is when I sit next to my husband in the car and we go somewhere, in quiet hours in nature, waiting for something or in the morning just before I'm awake. So I invite you to plan a week (or at least a weekend) in which you seem to do nothing but dream, think, plan and ask yourself questions such as..: Where do I want to be in a year? How will I live? What can I do better? Who am I and what contribution do I want to make in this life?

... Not sure about that, do you need help? Using powerful tools I

am helping you to get all the answers.

Your Transformation Coach Christa

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