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PRACTICE 80:20! Typically we plan the whole day and we calculate in whole hours. And we forget ourselves and get a raw deal. In coaching, for example, we have learned:'The diligent therapist works 50 minutes with his client and takes his notes in 10 minutes until the next appointment'. And what does a relaxed therapist do? He'll have a good cup of tea in those 10 minutes. He takes care of himself as well as of his clients! You got that? We cannot and should not work continuously. We should take much more small breaks to distribute the rest so that we can stay healthy. Science has also proven that the highest performance is the result of the most intensive bundling of energy into 50-minute units. Afterwards 10 minutes recovery! And this 80:20 formula - which makes sense in every area of

our lives - this tactic should not be a mild plan, but should be followed ironically - if necessary with the alarm clock. You set your watch to 50 minutes and train yourself and your whole being, your body, your mind to work through 50 minutes in a focused way. And then you immediately take a 10-minute break: Get up, get a coffee, chat with your colleagues if you have any, do a few stretching exercises and after exactly 10 minutes your watch takes you to the next focused work unit.

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