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NeuroGraphik® is the creative graphic access to our subconscious and the universe.

It is a unique and new way of stress reduction and a creative coaching model for any situation in Life!

NeuroGraphik® is an interdisciplinary practice, resulting in sustainable personal change, tangible lifting of personal limitations and successful modelling of a new desirable reality.

It was developed by the Russian Analytical Psychologist, Gestalt Psychologist, Coach, Meditation Teacher, Architect, Artist and Business Trainer Prof. Dr. Pavel Piskarev.


NeuroGraphik® is pretty much a universal language. It uses insights from Neuropsychology, Analytical Psychology, Gestalt Psychology, Social Psychology, and modern Management Theories.

NeuroGraphik® was created in June 2014. In the summer of 2018, there was the first PhD in Russia with a dissertation on NeuroGraphik® in Russia.

Prof. Dr. Pavel Piskarev developed with NeuroGraphik® a creative transformation method that can bring about real changes in one's own life, limitations can be reliably removed, and a new, desired reality can be successfully simulated. Which I experienced this over and over again throughout my training - without exception. 

Meaningful and lasting changes can be achieved in coaching sessions, when working with groups and, according to Pavel, even in the world at large. More than once I have drawn with colleagues on big issues of our world and could notice positive changes in my small world.

His personal credo is ‚Everything is Possible!‘ I can personally subscribe to that 100%! 

For all life situations where you are looking for advice or coaching, there is a suitable model in NeuroGraphik® I can help you move forward in your life.

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