NeuroGraphik® is the creative graphic access to our subconscious and the universe.

It is a unique and new way of stress reduction and a creative coaching model for any situation in Life!

NeuroGraphik® is an interdisciplinary practice, resulting in sustainable personal change, tangible lifting of personal limitations and successful modelling of a new desirable reality.

It was developed by the Russian Analytical Psychologist, Gestalt Psychologist, Coach, Meditation Teacher, Architect, Artist and Business Trainer Prof. Dr. Pavel Piskarev.


NeuroGraphik® is pretty much a universal language. It uses insights from Neuropsychology, Analytical Psychology, Gestalt Psychology, Social Psychology, and modern Management Theories.

NeuroGraphik® was created in June 2014. In the summer of 2018, there was the first PhD in Russia with a dissertation on NeuroGraphik® in Russia.

Prof. Dr. Pavel Piskarev developed with NeuroGraphik® a creative transformation method that can bring about real changes in one's own life, limitations can be reliably removed, and a new, desired reality can be successfully simulated.

Meaningful and lasting changes can be achieved in coaching sessions, when working with groups and, according to Pavel, even in the world at large.

His personal credo is ‚Everything is Possible!‘

For all life situations where you are looking for advice or coaching, there is a suitable model in NeuroGraphik® to help you move forward in your life.