Foundation of my Philosophy and World View


Holistic balance is one of the most important aspects of life. If we are not in harmony and love with nature, we cannot experience happiness and peace.


In order to recognize ourself and our divine essence, we first need to recognize what we are not. Everything that is present in our dual universe must consist of opposites in order to become recognizable - inside-outside, above-below, microcosmos-macrocosmos, yin-yang, fear-love.


If the biochemistry of our body is in imbalance by food without energy, negative thoughts, emotions and stored controversial belief patterns, it is difficult to recognize our original divinity and unconditional love that we really are.


And in order to activate the higher brain regions responsible for this, a consciously installed balanced lifestyle is assumed. Therefore, the first step is to optimize your lifestyle energetically, rhythmically and follow your heart instead your logical mind.



Unconditional love is the highest form of our existence and vibrates at the highest frequency of our being. Love is the all-pervading consciousness.


Our whole universe and everything that exists in it is built on infinite vibrations. Only those who open themselves and let unconditional love unfold in them can be whole and grow. Unconditional means accepting what is IN THE NOW.  


Out of this acceptance we stop evaluating and analyzing ourself and others. We stop judging and we recognize the true reason of our existence.


Through acceptance of what is, negative feelings, emotions and thoughts are transcended. They no longer have power over us and we can enter a state of unconditional love and freedom. Everyone has it in their hands to accept Love or not. But Love will never reject us!

We can also understand love as unity, LIKE A PEACEFUL SCREEN BEHIND EVERYTHING. A unity in which every organism is connected with each other and therefore we can never exist alone or separated from this original source. Accordingly, you and every other person are of Divine Origin, unconditional Love AND DEEPLY CONNECTED with everything!

I love to bring you into contact with your source.

2018 by Christa Krahnert

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