Thank you for purchasing my eBook! This eBook is a work in progress. It offers you first steps of how to use your Healy.

The most important thing is to understand how healing is happening and this is why you find Learnings in the book. If you understand once how healing happens you also know how to use your Healy the best way. And you can apply all other programs from other Healy editions.

The book follows the rule: 'Less is more' and you please feel free to add in your list the programs you would like to integrate on top of my suggestions. 

Our body is a miracle itself and we just didn't get a manual for it. A manual that would have told us how our body reacts to our thoughts and feelings, to what we eat or drink and how we exercise or not. Now we all have to do it by try and error. You will ask yourself: 'What is good for me? How do I feel with what I eat, drink or how I exercise? What Healy program does what with me when I run it?' Every person is different and individual. There is no right or wrong. There is only: 'I do it my way!'

Enjoy your journey!       Download your eBook here:

Much Love


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