Are you looking for a creative and joyful way to meaningfully address:


  • Triggers

  • Conflict

  • Trauma


NeuroGenius© is an innovative tool for your personal and spiritual growth! 


If you want to grow, personally and spiritually, you need to transform the most important aspects in life: 


  • Purpose (Genius)

  • Relationships (Love)

  • Prosperity (Contribution)


NeuroGenius© is the transformational process you have been looking for!


What is NeuroGenius©? 


It is a Powerful Combination of Neurographica© and the Gene Keys©


We are using Neurographica© and the Gene Keys© in our coaching services already as independent tools and we discovered, that this powerful combination is extremely helpful, but only when you are ready for radical freedom.


Our own combination we named NeuroGenius©.


What is Neurographica©?


Neurographica© was developed by the Petersburg architect, artist, business trainer Prof. Dr. Pavel Piskarev. It has been taught since April 2014, mainly in Russia. 


Neurographica© is based on findings from neuropsychology, analytical psychology, gestalt psychology, social psychology and modern management theories. 


It is a creative transformation method for solving problems and conflicts, which can be applied in both individual and group work. It is currently used in over 30 countries in the fields of pedagogy, therapy, coaching/training/consulting and art.


You (literally anyone!) can draw!


Intuitively you can draw solutions for conflicts and traumas, patterns of life circumstances, developmental trajectories through time, graphic solutions of complicated communication problems and much more. 


It is possible to harmoniously relate the most different things onto a piece of paper. 


This leads to new impulses for thinking, blocked neuro-structures are broken up and restrictions are being dissolved. 


By creating our own drawing on a piece of paper about a specific topic and modelling it using specific algorithms, we ultimately create an effective blueprint for the future, with which we can continue to work.


Neurographica© is an universal tool for dealing with all kinds of situations and finding algorithmic solutions for the most diverse life situations.


Long psychoanalytical sessions and painful repetition of undesirable life situations lead - from my personal point of view - to an ever increasing manifestation of the old patterns instead of the formation of new neurone pathways that enable a powerful progress in life. 


Even modern therapies like NLP, QMB, EFT, Quantum Healing etc. are rather trying to get rid of unwanted thoughts, symptoms and pain instead of working with the built-in solutions of the client’s own brainpower.


What are The Gene Keys©?


The Gene Keys©, by Richard Rudd, are a CODE describing our deepest fear-based patterns to the most inspiring possibilities in our DNA.


The Gene Keys© are designed to:


  • Discover your prime gifts and how they tie into your life’s purpose

  • Learn how can begin to open your heart in your relationships

  • Gain insight on what's standing in the way of your prosperity


Based on a fundamental code found throughout nature, the Gene Keys© are a master tool for understanding human behaviour and potential. From time immemorial, the sages and saints of all cultures have suggested that inside the human body exists a code for higher human evolution - a transcendent state of great compassion and inner freedom. 


It is this higher purpose hidden deep within your DNA that the 64 Gene Keys© are specifically designed to awaken.


By initiating a process of cellular recognition unique to each individual, the Gene Keys© guide you through a transformation of your core beliefs about yourself. 


Over time this raises your life onto a new and higher level of awareness. Presented as a spiritual path in their own right, the Gene Keys© invite you on a journey that leads to powerful inner revelation and deep self-acceptance.  


Are you ready and willing to embark on your journey of self illumination?


We don’t know exactly what circumstances you are facing at the moment and we’re confident that you can find the answer you’re looking for by going through a NeuroGenius© Process with us.




One of the most beautiful aspects of it is that no one can predict what you will find. That is always your freedom of choice.


2018 by Christa Krahnert

 All Rights Reserved