Supervision for Naturopaths, Therapists and Coaches

Supervision is a formal process of professional support which ensures continuing development of the therapist and effectiveness of his/her clinic through interactive reflection, interpretative evaluation and the sharing of expertise.


Two central goals of supervision are:


- promoting supervisee developmental growth through individual teaching (i.e., enhancing the supervisee's knowledge and applied skills), and

- making sure clients the supervisee is working with are receiving high quality professional services


Any therapist and coach who is serious about their professional and personal development, both novice therapists as well as experienced senior therapists can benefit from supervision.


I am your partner and confidant supporting you in this process.


One on one supervision sessions can be provided conveniently online so that it doesn’t matter in which part of the world you are. All you need is an internet connection or your phone. 


The topics I commonly address:

- Case Review 

- Diagnostic Skills

- Biological Decoding

- Treatment Planning

- LifestylePrescriptions© 

- Interventions 


I am a Supervisor and Executive Coach, Naturopath, Trainer and LifestylePrescription© Health Coach Specialist.

Born and raised in Germany, I have been coaching since over 30 years. My focus is in helping therapists and coaches create an environment in which their clients can feel holistically well understood with their challenges.


One of the ways that has helped me improve my own therapeutic skills and coaching abilities significantly is supervision. I participate regularly in individual supervision, and these very positive experiences prompted me to become a supervisor myself.


My motivation for providing supervision is that it is simply enjoyable and fulfilling. I have a genuine interest in contributing to our health industry. I know how much money and how many years of studying different modalities it took me to get a more and more holistic view of what healing really is. 


Today I am able to address:


- the physical body and it’s biology and biochemistry

- the emotional body and it's ability to memorise overwhelming experiences

- the mental body and it’s obsessive thinking in hamster wheels

- the spiritual body and it’s ability to always put an twist on a healing



I firmly believe that continuous education, personal development and supervision are essential for every professional therapist and coach.


If you are interested in learning more about how supervision with me can help you deepen your understanding of your clients and adding to your therapeutic skills, then contact me now for a short discovery call. 


Your investment for Supervision


  1 x 1 hr session    300 AUD

  6 x 1 hr session  1,500 AUD

10 x 1 hr session  2,100 AUD

Contact me now for a 15 minute free discovery call.


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