What spirituality means to me!


For me spirituality means boundless freedom, endless potential, peace, unconditional love and reflects our original divine being - pure awareness and infinite potential.

Real Spirituality means awareness of who or what you really are! And most important to be and to represent this unconditional love in any given moment!

It is the manifestation of a new consciousness that we define as creative consciousness that is happening right now. Everyone can freely unfold according to their own ideas and in many different ways. And because we begin to see ourselves as part of one unity, the true human being and the common good come first.


Through real spirituality you pass through the gate into a new, global and expanded divine conscious being.


How does such a global change come about?


The old writings speak of fixed cycles, which modern physics now also supports with facts.

A cycle with a certain age lasts a total of 25,920 years.  It contains a transition period of 1,080 years. So a cycle of an age lasts 24,840 years. And currently we live the last 85 years of this transition period. We are at the end of the exploitation and oppression of humanity.


After that there will definitely be a new cycle with a new age. We are talking about a golden age to come. Furthermore, according to the Big Bang theory, our universe is expanding. Until it has reached the lowest point of matter in the third dimension.

This deepest point was on 21.12.2012. The so-called apocalypse - which means as much as revelation or new beginning - what the old Maya predicted.


Then the universe contracts again, back to its origin. You can imagine this as inhaling and exhaling. So these two facts are clear indications that there is a global change in consciousness happening


What does that mean for the human family?


For the human family this means - there is an end to the oppression, exploitation and destruction of the earth and humanity.


Whether the end of this age will be quiet or catastrophic for you depends on your own consciousness, emotions and thoughts. Positive therefore means calm, in love and serene and negative means fearful catastrophic. 

It is one of the first and most important steps to express your boundless perfection - free from negative thoughts and behavioral patterns.


So we are all a little obliged to help, so that the old structures can be dissolved and transformed faster. Only then can real spiritual consciousness manifest itself. The manifestation of unconditional love and awareness! This requires a so-called 'critical mass' of awakened people.

If enough people have expanded their consciousness and given real spirituality more space in their lives, it will be transferred to others up to the collective. 

The beings who are responsible for the exploitation of mankind naturally want to make the transition period as painful and catastrophic as possible. They announce, for example, a solar storm, 5G destructive frequencies or a third world war. But that will not happen! Fear is to be spread in such a way, because whoever lives in fear is easy to control and manipulate.

If man believes in these catastrophes, his fear is also transmitted to others. Therefore the transformation of your fears into unconditional love is an important building block for spiritual development, health and peace on earth.

How you can minimize and even completely dissolve your fear, we acquire together.

2018 by Christa Krahnert

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