Joyful Living Mentoring

If you are thinking about Giving Your Life a Joyful Direction, then don't wait to apply for Joyful Living Mentoring.


I find it powerful and courageous that you have set out to find solutions for the challenges you might face right now or already for a while!


- Maybe things are not going the way you would like them to at the


- Maybe you have physical complaints that you would like to address?

- Maybe you don't trust yourself and believe that only other people are         special?

- Maybe you just want to invest in your own life and see if you can push

  your limits?

- Maybe you feel as if you are light years away from your dreams?


Whatever it is, you probably have the impulse right now to finally

tackle your challenges!


Check with your heart whether you are ready to invest in yourself!


How can Joyful Living Mentoring support you?


- you have experienced emotional pain

- you have challenges with unconditional love

- you’re having a frustrating job

- you feel inner discord

- you suffer from a low self-esteem

- you don't know what your life's work and life’s purpose is

- you have problems in your relationship and don't know how and if

  you can save it

- you don't know exactly what the meaning of your life is

- you had traumatic experiences and want to become free of them

- you just want to feel happy, full of love and free ...


Joyful Living Mentoring can help you!


How does it work?


First we get to know each other during a FREE 20 minute DISCOVERY CALL


It is important to find out whether the chemistry fits between us 🤗


Then we explore your situation: 


Where are you now? 

Where do you want to be? 

How can you get there?


We work together as a team! 


In 5 ONLINE SESSIONS we work out strategies to improve your



You get regular homework that you do independently and then send back to me via eMail. I will look at the results of your homework and give you feedback. 


We stay in regular contact for 5 weeks so that you can not only Reach

your Goals, but also Embody new Ways of Being, Thinking and

Doing and most important Feel Love.


What is your investment for Joyful Living Mentoring?


5 x 1 hour SESSIONS $600 AUD - Payable Upfront

Online per Skype or Zoom

incl. all eMail and WhatsApp conversations 



Working with a coach is always something special. There is an individual exchange and each coach has made their own experiences in life and successfully applied solution strategies


It is important that you are ready to leave old tracks. You can't expect a 'quick fix' from me. We are starting a little journey together!


Joyful Living Mentoring is an Investment in Yourself. Real change needs energy and attention. Consider how long it took until you arrived where you are today! 


Joyful Living Mentoring spots with me are limited! I take my time for you and I am at your disposal during the coaching process via eMail and WhatsApp. We build a trustful relationship and safe space to get outside the box.


That's why I only take a few clients at one time!


I only work with people who really want to make a difference in their life. No excuses, no victim behaviour, no endless stories why only the others and the circumstances are to blame.


Please understand that if I realise that you are not willing and open for change, then I will end the coaching. There is no refund.


If this resonates with you then please apply for a FREE 20 minute DISCOVERY CALL. 

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