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Consulting a personal coach and mentor these days is not longer exclusive for only a few but almost a necessity for everyone.

I believe that beauty, art and creativity are the elements that lead to true transformation and deep healing.

Transformation is the art of turning personal crisis into asset.

Healing is like discarding a worn out coat and ascending into your individual true, happy and creative self. These are the tasks of the new age!

  • Let dreams come alive

  • Bring your projects to life

  • Let wishes grow

  • Define, clarify and fix goals

  • Find lines of action

  • Lifting of limitations

  • Release blockages

  • Release inner forces

  • Reclaim your energy

  • Choose active life design

  • Strengthen your ability to act

  • Achieve self-empowerment and self-love

  • Discover and activate your potentials/resources

  • Increase your creativity

  • Improve your boundaries

  • Change your emotions

  • Maintain your own space

  • Focus your attention

  • Bild a powerful presence


Each NeuroGraphik® drawing can make your life easier and happier.

Simplicity makes the difference​.

Appointments available as block of 3, 5 or 10 sessions 1:1 or as group coaching (max. 3).

• online via Skype or Zoom

• in person at my private clinic

3      Sessions (1h 30min) AUD    620  (save  70)

5      Sessions (7h 30min) AUD    920  (save 230)

10    Sessions (15h)          AUD 1.840  (save 460)