I am a german trained Naturopath ND, LifestylePrescription© Health Coach Specialist, Holistic Counselor and Psycho-Oncologist since 30 years. I am also a professional Trainer for Doctors and Therapists for Psycho-Biology, Pleomorphism, Nutrigenetic and Epigenetic and a passionate Speaker with different health topics worldwide. The book "Process Orientated Cancer Therapy", which I am the co-author, was published in 2001! 

Since 2010 I call Australia my home and real Spirituality is my main interest! As a Spiritual Teacher I want to reach as many people as I can to live a life full of peace, happiness and unconditional love!

I was born 1957 in Germany. After 15 years trying to find myself I began to study first Psychology 1993, Naturopathy 1995 and in 2000 Psycho-Oncology. Today I am a German Naturopath (Bachelor of Health Science), Intuitive, LifestylePrescription© Health Coach Specialist, Prevention Coach, Trainer for Mind-Body Medicine and Integral Spirituality. I have conducted - together with my husband Rolf Krahnert - seminars for Doctors and Health Professionals in Europe about Bio-Psycho-Social- and Spiritual Medicine (BIPPS) for several years. I am also co-author of ´Process Oriented Cancer Therapy´, published in Germany 2001.


My Life was marked by unexpected surprises and changes since I was 7 years old. After my Dad left the family when I was 13 years old, I started to take responsibility for my own life but as well for my siblings and my parents. I just took over because I felt they were not able to take responsibility for themselves.


But I have to say whenever I took responsibility for myself I felt a sense of pleasure and happiness and I was proud for doing so even if my actions not always were the best and the learning lessons for my life were quite profound. I could blame no one for my decisions and I accepted the consequences. Yet whenever I took responsibility for others I suffered from disappointment, frustration and pain.


Even though as a Naturopath I felt I have much more responsibility to heal people who came to see me and were paying for my services. The first years working as a health professional I took it very personal when someone didn‘t get the results they expected and which I also thought they should achieve.


Every book I could find, every seminar I completed was for the goal to get better and better in my profession so I could finally help every single patient who came to see me. But life doesn‘t work like this. Particularly as I had specialized very early in my career in cancer support. I had finally to give up my high expectations for myself and I had to admit that the only way for perfect health and a fulfilled life is to take 100% responsibility, and no other can do that for us. I only can assist for Self-Help!


After my own personal experience with breast cancer I finally completely understood and felt 100% what cancer really is - all my knowledge and all the theories didn‘t help but then I knew, I felt how to get out of it. And I did!


Exactly this is what I can offer my clients today. How to take responsibility for what should happen in their lives. I am able to give direction and support in finding self responsibility, understanding of what‘s going on in their bodies and how to get their perfect health back or even support clients if they decide to pass over.


I can say that I am the remedy someone needs who is ready for a happy, healthy and fulfilled life.



My qualifications:



  • Apprenticeship and Certificate in Hospitality 

  • Study and Certificate as Secretary 

  • Study and Certification in IT 

  • 1 year Training and Certification for Trainers in Adult Education in FH (Academy) Freiburg Prof. Dr. Pfleiderer

  • 1 year study Trainer and Lecturer for Personal Development IHK and FH (Adult Education Colleges in Germany)

  • 2 years study Psychotherapy at Paracelsus Academy Stuttgart Germany with official Accreditation

  • 3 years study and official Accreditation of Naturopathy in Germany plus in 2000 Psycho-Oncology

  • 1 year study and Certification in Holistic Counselling from The Awakening Group, Brisbane

  • Studies in Spirituality, Kabbala, Silva Mind Control, A Course in Miracles, Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton, Eckhart Tolle, Theosophy (got a theosophical initiation), Anthroposophy Rudolf Steiner, The direkt Path with Rupert Spira.



  • `Vortex-Pulsor` Energy Therapist, Centre for Vital Energetic, Switzerland and Accreditation with Dr. George Yao (Founder of stockings, Pulsors, Coating for space shuttles and more), Florida USA

  • Training in Darkfield Diagnosis and Isopathy with Dr. med. Werthmann in Austria 

  • Training  in `German New Medicine` with HP Mohr in Germany and Dr. med. Gert Ryke Hamer, Malaga - Spain

  • Training as LifestylePrescription® Specialist online

  • 1 year Training in Orthomolecular Therapy in Germany and Austria 

  • Omega Health-Coach™, Omega Life-Coach™ and Emotional Balance™ with Dr. Roy Martina, in Germany and Netherlands

  • LEB®/S, Sensitive Life-Energy-Coach, Sensitivity- and Healer Training with Knauss/Sonnenschmidt. Sitting in the sensitive circle of Knauss/Sonnenschmidt, once a week, 2000-2006. Leading my own sensitive circle with 8 members, once a week, 2002-2009

  • Miasmatic Homeopathy with Dr. med. Peter Gienow, in Germany

  • Psycho-Kinesiology after Dr. med. Klinghardt USA

  • Human-Design®, Penta-Design®, Health-Design®, Venus- und Pearl-Design®  Analyst and Coaching, Austria

  • 64 keys Analyst

  • Colour and Light Therapy, Ionised Air Therapy with Geomed Australia



in Frankfurt, Freiburg, Offenburg, Wiesbaden Germany, Bellaria/Italy, Bristol/England, Cleveland, Melbourne and Gold Coast/Australia for Doctors, Naturopaths and other Therapists

  • Coach and Master Trainer for META-Health® Diagnosis and Therapy

  • Coach and Trainer for Bi-Lo PS®, Meta-Scan® and Delta-Scan®

  • Training for Orthomolucular Therapy and Isopathy 

  • Coach and Trainer for Biological Decoding for Doctors and Naturopaths

  • Trainer for Darkfield Microscopy, Pleomorphism and Isopathy

  • LifestylePrescriptions® Provider and Specialist

  • Coach and Trainer for Integral Human-Design

  • Founder and Trainer together with Rolf Krahnert for Bio-Psycho-Social and Spiritual Health - BIPSS® (we conducted regular courses for BIPSS® Consultants in Germany since 2006)

  • Development and Training for Bi-LoPS® (Integration of Biological Connections and innovative bio-energetic, non-linear systems for Diagnosis and Therapy) together with Günter Latz in Germany, lectures in Germany and Switzerland, since 2007

  • Talks and Lectures about „Process Oriented Cancer Therapy“ for Doctors and Naturopaths at the Educational Centre for `Raum und Zeit` Wolfratshausen, Munich Germany, together with Dr. Rosina Sonnenschmidt and Dr. Heinrich Kremer (author of „The Cancer and AIDS Revolution).



  • Co-Author `Process Oriented Cancer Therapy`, published in 2001

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