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Christa Krahnert ND
NeuroGraphik® Trainer
Transformation Coach
Spiritual Teacher 


As a Naturopath and Holistic Counsellor for over 30 years I was observing a lot of what made my clients happy and healthy. Of course it was different for each person but 3 reasons most of them had in common.


- Happiness is about being at peace with the past and the present

- Being optimistic and excited about the future and finding purpose in life

- Enjoying and being in the present moment, loving what they enjoy doing


It means I can look back on my past with gratitude and meaning for what has happened. I also can look to my future and feel good about what is to come and the experiences I can create. And in the present I love what I do, I use mindfulness, gratitude, meaning and purpose to experience frequent positive emotions.


If Happiness is missing in your life I am passionate to be your mentor on your journey. The only thing you need is the desire and willingness to make positive changes in your life.

To achieve this mission I am using Aesthetic Coaching®, NeuroGraphik® and Non-Duality. 


I guide and mentor you in any situation you might feel unhappy or stuck.

Stress and Anxiety

Whether it is stress with your family, your partner, at work or anxiety about the situation in the world, together we will practice a creative way for you to regain your calmness. Along the way you will strengthen your ability to deal with unexpected situations in a flexible and healthy way.

Direction and Clarity

Find direction or just need clarity about a decision you have to make? Clarity about your goals or dreams you wish to achieve. With pen and paper a fun and easy way!


Your projects need a new push to bring them to success? Define, clarify and fix goals. Plan and execute your projects from idea to success. There are several NeuroGraphik® models to choose from!

Relationship private & business

Your private and business relationships are problematic? You have the feeling that everything is blocked and you don't know how to get out of the situation? Together we will strengthen your ability to build reliable strong relationships.


You think you are not creative but you would love to? You admire others but can't find access to your own creativity. I promise, everyone can be creative and everyone can draw a beautiful picture in no time. Start now.

Personal Development

Whether you want to remove limitations, release blockages, activate inner power and strength, actively shape your life, be creative or discover and activate new potentials and resources - everything is possible!


Mature Woman Closed Eyes

The Secret of Happiness and Freedom ist Courage to Change!

Christa Krahnert



30 Years

13,000 H

16 Years

In the Art Of Healing

Individual & Group Coaching and Training

Executive Coach

Stormy Skies Over a Lake


Christa is an amazing person! I have never met a more sympathetic and professional coach. She has a vast knowledge and experience in helping people. I had several difficult decisions to make when we started to work together. With the assistant and guidance I got from Christa, I was able to make life changing decisions. I have never felt so supported! With her help I have realised so many things about myself, my patterns and also to be aware of which parts in my life supports me and which one that doesn’t. She offers a safe space with her presence and her fantastic intuition. I also received help with supplements I needed in my healing as Christa is a Naturopath with incredible knowledge.  I couldn’t be more happy with the help and support I got, and still receive. If you are ready to heal and grow I couldn’t recommend anyone more than Christa.

-Lena O.

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