Experience Healing and Love

KNOW your Body-Mind-Spirit Connection and


What if there is a PROVEN FRAMEWORK  to


1. LOVE and PEACE instead of FEAR


of a unpredictable Life and Body

3. CONSIDER all you experience first NEUTRAL 

and then FREE yourself into unconditional LOVE

4. Be FREE of dis-ease-causing THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS

A loving Space for Healing

I offer a Space for Healing, not only with knowledge, but with Presence, Attention, Empathy and Love.

Together we Explore the Root Cause and levels on which your un-happiness and even dis-ease has manifested. We explore your individual purpose of your life and with it of being healed. Every session will unfold it's own unique healing space as you carry your solution within.

My own nature meets everything and everyone with Openness and unconditional Love

My Deepest Heart's Desire is to accompany as many people as possible on their way to Health and Love in All Areas of Life!

Together we concentrate on your Access to unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is the highest form of being and in the presence of it dis-ease is impossible.

I combine Proven Naturopathic Methods with the most modern Quantum-physics, Astro-physics, Biological and unchanging Laws and Spiritual Truths.

Explore how Beautiful and Joyful Life Is!

Any dis-ease is an expression of a 

consciousness, behaviour and environment - internal and external - which is not in harmony, love and peace with Life.

1st consultation requires

a minimum of

90 Minutes.

Available per Zoom or at my

private office in Thornlands,

QLD 4164

If my 30 years of experience and philosophy appeals to you, I am happy to offer a 20 minute FREE ORIENTATION CALL about how I can be of service to you.


+61 (0) 466 307 177

It is important to me that we FIT TOGETHER so that you get the most out of our collaboration.

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